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Financial Planning from home

At Rothesay Bennett, we pride ourselves on helping our clients take control of their financial present and their future, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most to them.

Most people admit to not having a financial plan or a strategy, this is where we can help. Whilst many things in life are uncertain, your financial future shouldn’t be.

We welcome the opportunity to have an initial consultation with you, without cost.

During our consultation, we can:

  • Discuss any short term financial concerns you may have
  • Discuss savings rates and the risk of inflation
  • Discuss what a diversified investment looks like
  • Build a basic lifetime Cashflow Model – ‘Do I have enough and am I on track?’
  • Assess & Review any existing provisions you may have
  • Highlight any areas for improvement within your planning

Whether you are looking to build your first financial plan, or indeed tweak an existing one, we are here to help. Book your consultation now by selecting the most convenient time for you and one of our qualified financial advisers will be in touch.

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